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Trainings are
a contribution to
Risk management.

What are the benefits?

Target group-oriented training courses are designed to sensitize non-lawyers to risks in daily practice and to provide useful tips on how to deal with the constantly growing requirements throughout the supply chain.

The needs-based qualification in one’s own competent handling helps to avoid later disputes and to recognize pitfalls in time.

Get a head start on the way to your negotiating partner, who is also a legal layman on a regular basis.

I offer you targeted basic training as well as orientation on new legal requirements, sector-specific developments and standards.

Regularly I conduct legal training courses as a lecturer on behalf of reputed education providers as well in-house engaged by companies and customized to their specific needs, in various areas such as sales, quality, development, purchasing, technical customer service on contract and liability law, executive management to avoid organizational negligence and plant managers on occupational health and safety.


Participants have noted the following, for example, in their feedback forms:

„Interesting and important content.“

„A must for every salesman.“

„Improves understanding of legal issues, assures in negotiations.“

„Speaker is good and flexible in answering questions.“

„Balance between theory and practice.”

Agenda basic training

For example, you can download the agenda of my basic training course on contract and liability law as an example, which can be easily adapted to your individual needs.

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