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So what do I want to achieve for you?

Typically, (external) lawyers are only involved when escalation is at an advanced stage or when damage has already occurred.

The result is a time-consuming and cost-intensive procedure – but often without any “learning effect” for the company concerned, because the company reacts to the situation in the sense of damage limitation.

As a result, “lessons learned” rarely reach the organization, because nobody implements them or does not know how they have to be implemented or focuses on them and does not have the time for it.

In addition, dealing with legal issues or (external) lawyers is not one of the most popular activities in the company.

This often happens only in response to a certain internal or external pressure and is often perceived as a disruptive intervention, because it initially costs time spent taking time away from day-to-day business.

The circumstance that up to that point often tedious loops have been made does not create the best starting position.

It then proves to be helpful if the (external) consultant knows exactly what can/must be called up at which points and what level of detail is sufficient to get a sufficient picture.

As I am also familiar with the practices and sensitivities of stakeholders in a company, I can take this into account when using information and proceed accordingly diplomatically.

By accompanying your internal departments, such as sales, in dealing with customer contracts, they can focus on their core competencies and thus I would like to contribute to the raising of organizational savings potentials.

Furthermore, I would like to contribute to dissolving the often still nebulous understanding of compliance in practice, so that compliance is not perceived as a hindrance to business.

Apart from the defense of individual claims or the defusing of allegations, my concern is that your organization should not be attacked in the first place in order to avoid damage to your company and to you personally.

This is achieved by basic training, updating or creating and regular critical review of standard documentation and joint risk assessment of new requirements.

The focus of my consulting approach is on prevention and securing stable business relationships.

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